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Dedicated IPs

Do you send more than 50 thousand emails per month? For clients sending a large volume of emails, we offer dedicated IPs. In this articles we will see:

  1. What are dedicated IPs
  2. How do they work
  3. Precautions to take while using dedicated IPs

If you want to send your emails through dedicated IPs, please talk to us!

What are dedicated IPs and how do they work

Email marketing is always sent through IPs (it is like a road through which your emails will reach the audience). You can send emails through two different kinds of IPs. A shared IP is the one used by more than one sender. A dedicated IP is used only by one sender. Each IP is directly related to the sender’s reputations. If, let’s say, several companies send their emails through one IP and one gets several SPAM complaints, all of them will have their efficiency compromised and all emails will have a bigger chance of going the SPAM folder. When you opt for a dedicated IP, you are the only one responsible for that IP and its reputation. This is why we are very careful with spammers - so they can’t spoil reputations of other people.

If you send a high volume of emails (more than 50 thousand/month) we recommend you opt for a dedicated IP, because that will improve your results. If you send even more, like 100 thousand/month or more, we strongly recommend the use of at least one dedicated IP. If you are an agency, you can have one IP for all of your clients or one IP per client.

Dedicated IPs still need a lot of care.

Caution is necessary when using dedicated IPs. The standard anti-SPAM practices are required to be followed. The only difference is that in this case, you are the only one responsible for your reputation as a sender. Please note that if your messages have bad results and don’t follow email marketing’s good practices, then they will still go to SPAM folders.

“Warming” your IPs

Another important question - when to start sending emails through a new IP? When you start off by sending lots of emails with an IP that wasn’t used before, SPAM filters from internet providers can be a little suspicious. Since the IP address is new, it becomes necessary to “warm” it - start sending a low volume and gradually increasing it. Depending on which strategy you opt for, the process can take from 15 to 30 days. Although this looks like a lot of time, if you do it correctly, it can make a big difference in your email marketing campaigns by achieving high quality results.

Here’s an idea on how to warm your IP.

Divide the emails you would send in one week by seven and send smaller campaigns each day. If, let’s say, you want to send an email to 28,000 contacts, then divide that by seven and send 4,000 emails each day.

It’s good if you follow this strategy for at least 15 days, so that the efficiency is higher and the chances of bad deliveries are lower.

Another idea is to begin the activities using the new IP by sending only to your best contacts - those who always open and click your messages. Gradually, start sending campaigns to all your contacts.

Do you want to use dedicated IPs in Mailee? Cool! Let us know and we will take care of everything!